Case Studies

Below is a small selection of the projects we have undertaken. We work with retailers and shopping centres, airports, offices and cities all around the world to optimise their sound. For information relevant to you and to arrange a free consultation, please call +44 845 500 2511 or email

Glasgow Airport | Generative soundscape increases retail sales by 10%

glasgow airport

Following an audit of Heathrow airport, we designed a generative soundscape combining birdsong and gentle ambient-style music to reduce stress for people in airports, and tested it over eight weeks in Glasgow Airport. Customers were overwhelmingly positive, and there was a strong positive effect on retail sales as people slowed down and felt less stressed.

We compared till receipts for ‘sound on’ days against ‘sound off’ days and found that sales in the shops in the airport rose by between 3% and 10%, depending on the shop; the largest rise of 10% was for the main duty-free shop owned by Heathrow Airport Holdings.

Helm Bank | Soundscape doubles new business in retail bank

helmWorking closely with its leading Colombian bank, we styled music for every aspect of the new brand, from a catchy sonic logo to a relaxing soundscape for the exciting multisensory brand expression in their retail premises.

The bank’s top team are delighted with the Guidelines, and with all the sonic expressions of the brand. Helm’s two test branches went live in August 2009 with superb receptions from staff, customers and even competitors. Customer satisfaction increased from 64% to 90% and new business in the treated branches has almost doubled.



City of Lancaster | City soundscape reduces crime rates


The city’s Mayor R Rex Parris saw the opportunity to improve wellbeing and lower crime rates by installing a relaxing soundscape for walkers along Lancaster’s half mile pedestrian precinct, recently renamed BLVD. The soundscape includes birdsong to produce a feeling of security, gentle water to evoke purity and serenity, and music at half the speed of the typical human heartbeat to entrain people down to a slower pace of movement.

Media interest has been intense both in the USA and worldwide, with the installation being covered in the press, radio and on prime time TV. Reaction from the citizens of Lancaster has been very positive. “I love it. I really do. I wish I could get (the soundtrack) in my store,” said Lisa Ballentine, owner of a formalwear shop, while the sheriff’s Captain has reported that crime rates have dropped approximately 15% since the soundscape’s installation.


Harrods | Innovative Toy Kingdom soundscapes win Gold Award

Harrods TK3Harrods had no defined sound strategy: sound systems varied from room to room, many noise sources were present, and in many rooms staff were bringing in their own music to play on standalone CD players. The result was a patchwork of variable and often inappropriate sound. Initially, we audited the entire store over five days, measuring, recording and critically assessing soundscapes in several hundred carefully chosen locations. From this data, we produced a comprehensive report, which highlighted every existing issue, described the action required to solve it, and also yielded a detailed Sound Strategy for the store.

The Sound Agency’s work in The Toy Kingdom is a first for the retail landscape in terms of scope and creativity. Its launch was a great success, both externally via overwhelmingly positive media coverage and internally from endorsement at CEO level. We have successfully demonstrated the potential for well-designed sound in the retail environment as an alternative to generic music and contributed to the establishment of an extraordinary multi-sensory experience in the store.

The Sound Agency beat stiff international competition to claim the 2012 Audio Branding Award for its work in Harrods’ Toy Kingdom.


Listen to more samples of our generative soundscapes:

The Sound Agency Soundscape Showreel from The Sound Agency on Vimeo.

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