Case Studies

This is a small selection of the projects we have undertaken. In most cases, unfortunately, we can’t talk about our work in detail because it’s client confidential.

Chemistry Group | World’s first generative music on hold

As a dynamic, innovative marketing services agency, Chemistry wanted to do something new with music on hold. We suggested using generative technology to create ever-changing music in lounge/funk style, performed live 24 hours a day by a computer, never repeating itself. Now Chemistry are proud to say that their music on hold is leading-edge, always original, fresh and inventive – like them.

BAA | Generative soundscape increases retail sales by 10%

Following an audit of Heathrow airport, we designed a generative soundscape combining birdsong and gentle ambient-style music to reduce stress for people in airports, and tested it over eight weeks in Glasgow Airport. Customers were overwhelmingly positive, and there was a strong positive effect on retail sales as people slowed down and felt less stressed.

Helm Bank | Soundscape doubles new business in retail bank

Working closely with hits leading Colombian bank, we styled music for every aspect of the new brand, from a catchy sonic logo to a relaxing soundscape for the exciting multisensory brand expression in their retail premises. Customer satisfaction has soared to well over 90%, and new business conversion has doubled.


Listen to samples of our generative soundscapes:

The Sound Agency Soundscape Showreel from The Sound Agency on Vimeo.

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