BrandSound™ revealed

Our goal is to optimise your BrandSound™ – ideally, all of it, but we’re quite happy to take on individual chunks as dictated by your own budget and priorities.

Our BrandSound™ model identifies eight key expressions of a brand in sound.

Brand Music; Sonic Logo; Advertising Sound; Branded Audio; Product Sound; Soundscapes;Telephone Sound;

The eight expressions of BrandSound™, with guidelines at their centre

Audio marketing eight expressions of brand sound

BrandSound™ guidelines

These lie at the heart of BrandSound™. In our experience, very few organisations have anything at all in their brand book about sound. We put this right by going right back to the brand personality and brand values to derive powerful audio brand guidelines that define all eight aspects of BrandSound™, acting as sources for ideas and briefs for implementations. This should be the first step of any project, even if it’s done in short form before an urgent tactical activation. The best route is to carry out an audit, then use our legendary BrandSound™ workshop to lay great foundations – and to deliver dozens of brilliant quick wins that will land straight on the bottom line. We then create your brand sound guidelines in partnership with your brand team, and deliver them in your preferred format.

Brand Voice

Is your brand male or female? Old or young? Lively or restrained? Cheeky or professional? Does it have a regional accent? When defined, Brand Voice will inform many decisions and actions, especially in telephone staff, call centres and sales training.

Brand Music

Can your brand use or associate itself with music, either existing commercial music (for example British Airways’ virtual ownership of Delibes’ Flower Duet) or bespoke, composed music (for example Coca Cola’s creation of I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing)?

Sonic Logo

Could your brand powerfully use a sonic logo? These have been around for a long time – think of Tony the Tiger or the Rank gong – and Intel and Direct Line are good modern examples of how potent they can be. Though not obligatory for everyone, they can be highly effective if well used. But please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that making a ‘bing-bong’ means you can tick the box of sound branding, any more than creating a single visual logo means that you have a complete brand.

Advertising Sound

How consistent is your advertising sound? Sound can all too often be a last-minute decision in the creation of a TV commercial, often based on a creative director’s favourite track at the moment, so that advertising sound often changes dramatically from ad to ad. Research shows that advertising sound is very powerful, and we know that brands are enhanced by consistency. Working from the audio brand guidelines and with your advertising agency, we help you get the right balance between brand or campaign consistency and creativity.

Branded Audio

Giving away high-value content is a great way to build loyal customer relationships, as the vast customer magazine industry has shown. Audio is the perfect modern way to do this: it’s personal, human, intimate and impactful (which is why we still have radio in a screen-crazy world)… and audio is incredible cost-effective compared to print media like magazines, or screen-based media like video and websites. If you’re not podcasting to your customers, you’re missing a big trick.

Product Sound

Product sound is a continuum: some products or services have virtually none (a can of beans) while others are nothing but sound (music). Product sound can be an asset (Ferrari) or a liability (Boeing). Business can be conscious of it or – as is so often the case – largely unconscious. We help you become fully conscious and take control of all aspects of your product sound so you can maximise your sonic assets and ameliorate your liabilities.


We are world leaders in designing and installing soundscapes for spaces. Our unique SoundFlow™ tool allows us to design a soundscape for a specific effect. We use generative sound systems (especially our own Ambifier™) to create soundscapes that are ever-changing, never-repeating, performed in real time by computer according to rules we programme in. Where appropriate, we create intelligent music styling and streaming, branded radio stations, or stunning feature installations. We also advise on or install individual, multi-room or even global networked sound reinforcement systems.

Telephone Sound

This is probably the cause of more lost business than any other form of sound. We will help you optimise your call handling systems, call centres, sound on hold and telephone staff training, transforming your customers’ experience from frustration to surprise and delight.

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