Our 5D process

Although every project is unique, we find that most clients like to start with some structure. We’ve developed a simple yet powerful five-stage process that we call 5D. Every stage is modular (in other words it can be done on its own) and every one can be (and always is) adapted to the client’s needs, as can the whole process. Our tried and tested 5D process is designed to achieve the best combination of efficiency, quality and value for money.

The five steps are:

Discover is the fieldwork stage needed to thoroughly understand the project, the brand and planned customer experience. Define will analyse and deploy all the material collected during the Discover stage. The outputs will be audit, action plan and BrandSound™ guidelines documents that will analyse your existing sound and allow you to decide exactly how you want to proceed.


In Design and Deploy we design, create and then install any sound, equipment or treatments required. These may include work in any of four key areas: acoustics, noise reduction, sound system and sound content. Until we’ve audited, the scope of this work is unknown.


Develop covers regular reviews to refresh the your BrandSound™ – important to do, as markets, competitors and customers change rapidly nowadays. Typically, this is done quarterly, though annual can also be effective.

We do generally advise against giving in to the temptation to jump straight into implementation (Design and Deploy) without any planning or scoping at all, though of course the client ultimately pays the bills and calls the tune!

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