Define & Activate

Our tried and tested process is designed to achieve the best combination of efficiency, quality and value for money.

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Define is the step where we identify where your space is now and where it can be in the future – and then create a plan that gets you from A to B. First we collect data with our unique BrandSound Audit™, either visiting a physical space or working off plans and visualisations, and then (recommended) we carry out our famous BrandSound Workshop™. We then collate and analyse all inputs to produce your Sound Action Plan. The deliverable is a comprehensive Report in both interactive PDF and printed book formats, containing the output from the Audit and Workshop, plus the SAP, fully detailed and costed so that you can choose exactly what you want to do and when.

Activate is the step where we design, create and then install the sound, equipment and treatments you have chosen from the SAP. These activations may include work in any of four cornerstones of good sound (acoustics, noise, sound system and content), and may involve us working with other specialists such as acousticians or AV integrators. Until we have audited, the scope and shape of this step is unknown, so we can’t quote it in this proposal.

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