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January 19th, 2015
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Thorne Creative recently featured this very informative article:

The publication of Martin Lindstrom’s book BRAND sense in 2007 opened the door to a whole new world for many marketers, producing a genuine paradigm shift from one sense to five and confirming the beginning of a whole new approach which we now know as sensory branding.

Lindstrom reported that a massive 83% of all marketing expenditure globally has been focused on the eyes alone – which is way out of proportion compared to the integrated multisensory way we form our opinions and attachments. Marketers have been largely ignoring the power of the other four senses! Millward Brown, who carried out the BRAND sense research, summarise their findings thus:

The study confirmed that the brands with sensory depth were particularly strong, with clearly defined, globally understood and distinctive brand identities, and with relevant and aspirational brand values. In some respects at least, these brands had deliberately built their sensory values and are now benefiting from owning such associations.

Read the full article here.

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